If you want to express, just express! Let your inner wish be your pilot!


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Recently, I started to translate my verses from Russian into English. 

Share some of them with you here: 




In a world where the waves-wanderers

Run to attentive souls

Be with your own strangeness,

With your beloved songs!


Don't take advice from weakness

And, passing above an abyss,

Be overwhelmed with happiness 

And throw away unease.


Let others say: "It's meaningless",

Even if their voice is strong,

May be among the countless waves

This one you searched so long!



You hear?


You hear how someone bangs your door again?

You brush aside it, going on your way.

It doesn’t matter: whom and what was gifted,

The main thing is you can’t to calm your brain.


You hear obsessive sounds of foreign points?

How recklessly you let them in your bed. 

What matters is how strongly you believe in

Things you could never ever get tired of.



I'll draw to you the frost


I'll draw to you the frost, 

Its cold and fiery kisses, 

Its window paintings cost

A million: masterpieces!


I’ll draw to you its tears

With tasty scent of Christmas,

The fluffy snowy trees

That fringe the ruddy distance.


I’ll draw to you the frost,

The shawl of winter spider,

Awaking dreams you lost

Somewhere deep inside you.