Writing poems is my favorite activity along with drawing.

It comes out from me naturally and helps to be in harmony with the world.

My poetry book in Russian is here:



I also compose verses in English. Share some of them here with you: 



In a world where the waves-wanderers

Run to attentive souls

Be with your own strangeness,

With your beloved songs!


Don't take advice from weakness

And, passing above an abyss,

Be overwhelmed with happiness 

And throw away unease.


Let others say: "It's meaningless",

Even if their voice is strong,

May be among the countless waves

This one you searched so long!

Night guest

When pictures and toys were sleeping
This night,
There’s a flash at my pillow,
It wasn’t a candle!

Who was it 
Above me?
A micro comet
Or meteorite?

No answer.
Just silence around me
And magic of space,
Like someone was drawing a circle!

It flashed, on and off,
Like a passion,
Maybe it’s aliens
Trying to steal me?

The flash at the portrait,
Take care, my pastel!
And then micro comet
Aimed into my bed!

Oh my God, it's time to escape,
My flank on the edge so I cried,
No need to be frightened:
It was just a firefly!


If I'm going to dress in a beauty,

I put on the sparkling sea foam,

If the wild wind will blow from the sea,

I'll cover my shoulders with green moss.

If I'm going to share with you,

I paint something bright on the walls,

So there won't be grief anymore

And joy will be here forever. 

Whether you want it or not

Whether you want it or not

Angels will meet you sometime,

Just try to notice them, not passing by,

They melt the strong ice inside you.

Their sincerity’s pure and warm

Like the summertime mountain river,

You might want to be part of their innocent world

For the moment or maybe forever.

They come to us, gentle and lively,

With the shining kaleidoscope eyes,

It seems like you saw them some years ago

And the feeling of déjà vu finds you.  

In their open and beautiful smile

You recall your true self and accept it,

Next to them you feel safe and you learn to confide,

Letting go of the fears and doubts.

Whether you want it or not,

Those angels will leave their light in you,

Just try to notice them, not passing by,

And open towards them your world. 

You Hear?

You hear how someone bangs your door again?

You brush aside it, going on your way.

It doesn’t matter: whom and what was gifted,

The main thing is you can’t to calm your brain.


You hear obsessive sounds of foreign points?

How recklessly you let them in your bed. 

What matters is how strongly you believe in

Things you could never ever get tired of.


I'll Draw To You The Frost

I'll draw to you the frost, 

Its cold and fiery kisses, 

Its window paintings cost

A million: masterpieces!


I’ll draw to you its tears

With tasty scent of Christmas,

The fluffy snowy trees

That fringe the ruddy distance.


I’ll draw to you the frost,

The shawl of winter spider,

Awaking dreams you lost

Somewhere deep inside you.

To The Ocean

I never get used to the ocean,

My love never comes to an end,

I walk near by him very often,

With confidence feeling his hand. 

I long for his emerald beauty:

His crystal and transparent waves.

I’m getting extended due to him,

He shows me the wonderful ways.

Waves Whisper

Streams of happiness rush into the sparkling ocean,

They’re mixing up with salty passion of the healed heart wounds,

Vivifying spirit of my childhood freedom revived inside me.

I'm kin to these changeable waves,

“To love is very simple", - the waves whisper in my ears. 

A natural factor of growth, they give me that love. 

I'm happy to feel this and just want to be, 

Sparkling the light and to love like the ocean.

Green Leaves

December clouds are getting higher

The sky is on the roof-top, 

The sun is in the trap of trees,

A wedding dress is floating like a sea sail and the dissolved blue distance gently cares about your eyes. 

Black-and-white art of the trees is all around,

Their wings and feathers aspire for the sky, 

The sudden piercing greenness of one tree is like a saying “Hi!” of ringing summer. 

Hiding my hands into the gloves I look at green leaves full of strength. 

They survived a cold autumn, weren’t blown off by cruel wind and thrown on the ground. 

Christmas eve is coming, by the way, and I like the mood of leaves! 

They are the reason (not my gloves!) that now my hands are getting warmer.

Poetry Is…

Trembling fingers of child over your cheek is a poetry,

When you feel sudden tenderness hearing a voice in the phone,

When you go singing alone with yourself,

Noticing forget-me-nots eyes in the grass is a poetry also.

Exciting long look drowned in a look is a poetry

When the silence together brings warmth to you both,

The joke for a smile is also a poetry,

When the sunshine breaks through the stormy clouds.

Flight of the hair from the teaser spring wind is a poetry,

And the transparent, shining dandelions in the sunset light,

When your feelings are answered - it's a poetry,

Poetry is love.