Drawing La La Land

Hi, friends!

Have you seen the movie "La La Land"?

I think it's amazing: great music, great visual line, great actors and atmosphere!

So I drew this, listening to music from this film. When I was drawing a piano I tried to play the main melody on my piano and then drew the beginning of this.

I like a phrase the main character says:

"We’re gonna play whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want,
as long as it’s pure jazz."

So I drew the moment when he says this phrase in the central part of my drawing.

I was so excited by drawing a piano... It was the second time I did it. The first one I drew a piano when I was a little girl and haven't got a piano yet, but wanted to play so much that I drew this to play on a paper piano! Soon this dream came true: parents gifted me a real brand new beautiful piano!

I publish here my visual short story about this great movie!

See you soon and have a nice way!