Experience in painting on the wall

Hi, friends!

Recently I participated in Street Art Weekend in Moscow,
in the project of design factory Flacon (hashtag in Instagram: #vrnssg).

In 2 days a group of artists had to do their own paintings on the territory of the vintage market in Izmailovo.

It was a great experience and communications with amazing, creative people! 
I will remember this like one of the most interesting adventures in my life! 

I realized that painting on the wall is a very exciting process, it gives you so much freedom in expression, makes you take the gloves off and go unusual ways in painting. 

In my work I mixed acrylic with the water and in one moment I let paints flow down the wall so I could watch the interesting textured effects on the houses, which arose from the interaction of the wall surface and paint.

How many beautiful things in this world are waiting for our touch...we just have to do a step towards.

When I sent my works to the project organizers, I thought for a moment: "It's such a large space (2.6 square meters!), how I'll manage this?".  

About 2 years ago I passed a special course of painting on the wall in the International design school and I know technology but I had not a lot of practice in such an area of painting... From the other side, the idea of participating in this nice project was so exciting that it was much bigger of my fear! 

In result I have no regret, only positive impressions from this event!

I publish here some photos of my painting Venice and others artists' paintings from this project.

Dear friends, share in comments your interesting experience in art that you maybe had!

Have an excellent day!


From Maria with love.

IMG_3515_mini (1).jpg