My King Pencil

After drawing with my favourite colourful material - pastel I always return to pencil drawing.

I adore pencil for opportunity to focus on lines and volume, for its velvetiness and tenderness.

It was so pleasure for me to draw the beautiful woman and supermodel Iman Abdulmajid. 

The floral patterns of the Iman's dress are so natural that it was easy to imagine their lines in the most dark places of the photo that I used for this drawing.

Her dress reminds me wonderful landscapes with beautiful concerted lines, blooming valleys and hills. 

Pencil allows me to easily express the emotional image that I'm want to show.

So, I will tell him (I mean pencil) again and again: "Thanks, my King, for the help to do my best!"

If you have questions or ideas, you're welcome!  Let's share experience in art!