Changes of the idea

Hello, friends! 

I've just finished my new work "A Lilac Tree" (you can see it here after the text). 

Since lilac blossom are wonderful now, I couldn't resist to draw them... but I also draw people, so  I thought, what woman reminds me a lilac tree, gorgeous and colourful? She would be Naomi Campbell. So I included her in my composition with the lilac tree.

I started this drawing from Naomi and when I drew her, I realized that she is so harmony itself that nothing else needed for decorations! 

But, at the same time, I had an idea of drawing, - the lilac tree! So, I decided to continue and realize this initial idea. And you know, after accomplishing of drawing I read the next words in the Edward Hill's book "The language of drawing":

"Whether the artist continues on his course or follows a new path will depend first on his awareness and second on judgement. He must be responsive to the actual events occurring before him in the drawing and willing to sacrifice the initial idea. If the artist is receptive to the free growth of an image he will allow the drawing to lead him, but at the same time will judiciously select, discard, or further build upon uncovered possibilities... Though one be possessed of an idea, a vision, the final form remains indeterminate until the entire process of making is complete."

May be I should stop and forget about lilac?) Anyway, I have two photos of drawing - with a lilac tree and without it. What do you think, which version is better?)

P.S. Have an excellent day and week!

Maria with love)