Portraits marathon

Hi, friends!

For about one month (until December 12) I'm drawing portraits for a portraits marathon that runs in instagram (more information - in my profile @maliberta on Instagram).

Here is the first portrait for that marathon. I hope, you recognize Rihanna!)

Looking at the photo of reference, I thought: what a beautiful chaos! But how, pray tell, to draw this?) I just need to find relations!

I found them and it was the main pleasure in the process!)

Summary - in any chaos there are relations, and where it seems that they aren't, they can always be imagined. And is there a really chaos? What do you think?) and what is your main pleasure in drawing or in painting portraits or something else?

To be continued...

From Mary with Love & Joy

Have a nice way!

Скан3_фотошоп_mini (4)_30x40 (1)_fin!.jpg