My new project "How I See NYC"

Hi, friends!

I'm currently working on my project titled "How I See NYC" which is about people and the atmosphere of this wonderful city full of variety.

It based on my photo materials I've been gathering since the beginning of last summer and includes the drawings of the bright interesting persons, beautiful places and exciting events. 

You can see artwork of the project here on this site in my gallery
Also I post them in my Instagram profile @maliberta with the hashtags:

Hope it will inspire you and bring love and peace to your heart.


Portraits marathon

Hi, friends!

For about one month (until December 12) I'm drawing portraits for a portraits marathon that runs in instagram (more information - in my profile @maliberta on Instagram).

Here is the first portrait for that marathon. I hope, you recognize Rihanna!)

Looking at the photo of reference, I thought: what a beautiful chaos! But how, pray tell, to draw this?) I just need to find relations!

I found them and it was the main pleasure in the process!)

Summary - in any chaos there are relations, and where it seems that they aren't, they can always be imagined. And is there a really chaos? What do you think?) and what is your main pleasure in drawing or in painting portraits or something else?

To be continued...

From Mary with Love & Joy

Have a nice way!

Скан3_фотошоп_mini (4)_30x40 (1)_fin!.jpg

Drawing La La Land

Hi, friends!

Have you seen the movie "La La Land"?

I think it's amazing: great music, great visual line, great actors and atmosphere!

So I drew this, listening to music from this film. When I was drawing a piano I tried to play the main melody on my piano and then drew the beginning of this.

I like a phrase the main character says:

"We’re gonna play whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want,
as long as it’s pure jazz."

So I drew the moment when he says this phrase in the central part of my drawing.

I was so excited by drawing a piano... It was the second time I did it. The first one I drew a piano when I was a little girl and haven't got a piano yet, but wanted to play so much that I drew this to play on a paper piano! Soon this dream came true: parents gifted me a real brand new beautiful piano!

I publish here my visual short story about this great movie!

See you soon and have a nice way!








Experience in painting on the wall

Hi, friends!

Recently I participated in Street Art Weekend in Moscow,
in the project of design factory Flacon (hashtag in Instagram: #vrnssg).

In 2 days a group of artists had to do their own paintings on the territory of the vintage market in Izmailovo.

It was a great experience and communications with amazing, creative people! 
I will remember this like one of the most interesting adventures in my life! 

I realized that painting on the wall is a very exciting process, it gives you so much freedom in expression, makes you take the gloves off and go unusual ways in painting. 

In my work I mixed acrylic with the water and in one moment I let paints flow down the wall so I could watch the interesting textured effects on the houses, which arose from the interaction of the wall surface and paint.

How many beautiful things in this world are waiting for our touch...we just have to do a step towards.

When I sent my works to the project organizers, I thought for a moment: "It's such a large space (2.6 square meters!), how I'll manage this?".  

About 2 years ago I passed a special course of painting on the wall in the International design school and I know technology but I had not a lot of practice in such an area of painting... From the other side, the idea of participating in this nice project was so exciting that it was much bigger of my fear! 

In result I have no regret, only positive impressions from this event!

I publish here some photos of my painting Venice and others artists' paintings from this project.

Dear friends, share in comments your interesting experience in art that you maybe had!

Have an excellent day!


From Maria with love.

IMG_3515_mini (1).jpg

A wonderful woman in Venice

I saw this image in the Vogue magazine, August 2017 -

She's a model Birgit Kos and since this photo was taken in Venice, I imagined how she's looking to the window and see a beautiful view to the Grand Canal and the island San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice.  

So I drew also a view from the window of the museum Correr to the island San Giorgio Maggiore.

The original photo of this view I took during my trip to Venice in the August 2014. 

As a result I've got two related drawings: of this wonderful woman and my beloved Venice!

Be on your wave (or way!), my friends, and have a nice day!

From Maria with love.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 13.04.15.png

Drawing a girl with a berry dessert

I drew this for a pastel marathon of my friend with a theme "A berry dessert". 

So the first idea was a dessert, but since I draw people, I couldn't resist to draw a child with this dessert! Further, since children love the sea, I drew my child with the dessert near by the sea!

When I was taking a photo of this drawing I put it on the grass and got an interesting effect of a palm tree on the drawing. So I publish here this version with the shadow of the grass.

Live your dream!

From Maria with love.



My King Pencil

After drawing with my favourite colourful material - pastel I always return to pencil drawing.

I adore pencil for opportunity to focus on lines and volume, for its velvetiness and tenderness.

It was so pleasure for me to draw the beautiful woman and supermodel Iman Abdulmajid. 

The floral patterns of the Iman's dress are so natural that it was easy to imagine their lines in the most dark places of the photo that I used for this drawing.

Her dress reminds me wonderful landscapes with beautiful concerted lines, blooming valleys and hills. 

Pencil allows me to easily express the emotional image that I'm want to show.

So, I will tell him (I mean pencil) again and again: "Thanks, my King, for the help to do my best!"

If you have questions or ideas, you're welcome!  Let's share experience in art!


Changes of the idea

Hello, friends! 

I've just finished my new work "A Lilac Tree" (you can see it here after the text). 

Since lilac blossom are wonderful now, I couldn't resist to draw them... but I also draw people, so  I thought, what woman reminds me a lilac tree, gorgeous and colourful? She would be Naomi Campbell. So I included her in my composition with the lilac tree.

I started this drawing from Naomi and when I drew her, I realized that she is so harmony itself that nothing else needed for decorations! 

But, at the same time, I had an idea of drawing, - the lilac tree! So, I decided to continue and realize this initial idea. And you know, after accomplishing of drawing I read the next words in the Edward Hill's book "The language of drawing":

"Whether the artist continues on his course or follows a new path will depend first on his awareness and second on judgement. He must be responsive to the actual events occurring before him in the drawing and willing to sacrifice the initial idea. If the artist is receptive to the free growth of an image he will allow the drawing to lead him, but at the same time will judiciously select, discard, or further build upon uncovered possibilities... Though one be possessed of an idea, a vision, the final form remains indeterminate until the entire process of making is complete."

May be I should stop and forget about lilac?) Anyway, I have two photos of drawing - with a lilac tree and without it. What do you think, which version is better?)

P.S. Have an excellent day and week!

Maria with love)

Hi there!

Dear friends!

Welcome to my little space of art on this website!

I will publish here my art works about exciting people and I hope, it will inspire you.

I've been dreaming about my art gallery for some last years and now my dream has come true: I did this website!

Big Thanks for that to!

I plan to go further in art and to share my experience with you.

Be in touch! Have an excellent day!