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About my art

In my works I love to convey the inner world of people that inspires me, in its wonderful diversity, to show the unique beauty of person.

My passion is to create speaking portraits and illustrations, collages with people, which express my feelings and thoughts about the most important things in this life in my view: love, peace, freedom to be yourself.


Maria Ershova is an artist and a poet.

As a child she used to spend every summer in the countryside watching nature, soaking up its beauty and freedom, learning the ability to enjoy life.  The first paintings she met in her life was the real paintings of nature and a wonderful old painting in the village house with rural landscape. 

Drawing always was her favorite amusement.

She graduated 3 year art studio being a student of a technical university. In that period of time she was fond of wood painting, with floral patterns and fabulous birds.

Many years later, after she became an expert in economic software, she started to paint and draw on a regular basis. It was a natural result of her traveling around the world and especially of her trip to Venice, where she was inspired by the great pieces of fine art and got a huge portion of creative energy. 

She started to draw and discovered passion in drawing portraits of people.

Drawing portraits of people and illustrations with them became her favorite direction in fine art.

She is currently working on her project titled "How I see NYC". It's about people and the special atmosphere of this city.

Last 6 years Maria also writes poetry.  In April 2018 she published a poetry book with her illustrations: